Detachment of Massachusetts

Committee Chairman:  Gene Theroux


“Flying Flags for Heroes” (FFFH) definitely falls under the SAL label of Americanism.  As such, our Detachment Commander Gene Theroux will assist any and all who would like to help make it a success.   Please visit the FFFH website to learn further of the FFFH project.  In addition to the program requirements outlined in the FFFH website, please use the Detachment Flying Flags for Heroes Event Log to identify and document scheduled or completed FFFH events. Then, if you feel you need any resources or assistance in planning and executing an event, feel free to contact Gene Theroux. Don’t forget to return to the FFFH website to report your event, as well and to upload the photos taken and to complete and submit the Detachment Flying Flags for Heroes event log.

Each squadron commander will designate a squadron point-of-contact for FFFH and identify their goal for number of flags to be placed in cemeteries in their locale.

Remember – every day is Memorial Day when it comes to Flying Flags for Heroes. Our Detachment’s goal is to Honor and Remember those whose served and sacrificed for our Liberties and Freedom. After all, it all began here in Massachusetts on April 19, 1775 at the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  Recommend that SAL Caps or American Legion Family clothing items be worn during Flying Flags for Heroes events.

Additional information and resources:

Letter to Squadron Commanders on the Flying Flags for Heroes with required designated Point-of-Contact and squadron goals

Startup Guide for Detachment of Massachusetts Squadrons

Detachment of Massachusetts Flying Flags for Heroes Event Log

General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 115 Veterans’ Benefits - Section 9: Care of graves of veterans

Information on Massachusetts Veterans Service Officer's and their location

U.S. Veteran Grave marker Decal - American Legion Flag & Emblem Sales

Source for Military Flag Holders:  Roventuer

List of Medal of Honor Recipients interred in Massachusetts Cemeteries

Summary of Cemetery Preservation Workshop - Odd Fellows Cemetery, Seaford, Delaware

Find a Grave (used to find cemeteries and memorials)

Utilities:  GPS WaypointsNavigator (used to capture GPS burial coordinates for Veterans graves or markers (Android))

Cemetery Preservaton Foundation - Cemetery Preservation Course - Courtesy of the National Park Service

Best Practices for Cleaning Government Provided Marble Headstones

How to clean a sandstone (brownstone) gravestone using D/2 Biological Solution

How to reset government provided veterans gravestones, courtesy of National Park Service (NCCPT)

Source for D/2 Biological Solution - D/2 is used to clean government provided gravestones

General Laws of Massachusetts,Part IV, Title I, Chapter 272 Section 73:Tombs, graves, memorials, trees, plants; injuring, removing

Instructions on requesting a replacement government headstone or marker

Request for Military Pension/Bounty-Land Warrant Applications