Detachment of Massachusetts

 Chairman, Don Lindsay                                                                       e-mail:

Pillar 4: Children and Youth

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2022 Children & Youth Excellence Award


Don Lindsay, Chairman
Children & Youth Committee
Detachment of Massachusetts

Today’s American Legion is as focused on the welfare of our country’s children and the issues
facing young people as it has ever been. The structure of this organization is forever supported
by the balance that our founding architects envisioned. Therefore, this pillar Children & Youth
and its programs remain committed to serving the nation’s youth.
The Purpose of this committee is to formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs
and activities designed to:
• Assure care and protection for the children of veterans.
• Improve conditions for all children and youth, with due concern for maintaining the integrity
  of the family home.
• Prevent social and physical ills of children and youth where possible.
• Maintain a balanced program that provides for their physical, emotional, intellectual and
  spiritual needs.
What can you do as a squadron to help with the activities designed to help the committee?
• Name a squadron Chairperson for the Children & Youth, Make sure you Communicate with
  myself as to your choice for Chairperson.
• Hold Meetings, Join our meetings, so you know what is new and going on for the
  detachment or the department.
• Have fundraisers, Spaghetti Dinners, Calendar raffles, Raffles, 50/50 Just to raise money,
• Keep track of what you spend, Raise and time put in to the events you do.

Keep in mind that Halloween is coming up? Check with your school districts and see if there is
anything we can do for the youth of your community. Give bags, Glow Sticks, or something to
keep the Children & Youth Safe for Halloween
The stated above are just a couple of ideas to raise money and some programs we can do. if
you have any ideas please let me know! I can always use the ideas!
Do you want to receive an award at convention? Help us Help you get the recognition you
deserve for all the hard work you do for your squadron. Fill out your Consolidated report.
if you have any questions please contact me I am available to talk at anytime. My Information is

Don Lindsay
Children & Youth Chairman
Detachment of Massachusetts
Detachment Chaplain

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