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Americanism Chairman Ernie Laberge

Americanism is one of the four pillars that the American Legion was founded on.  We all need to do a better job to get Americanism programs addressed in all Squadron meetings.  The info everyone receives in the Detachment meetings, mailings, via email, and other means is a great start, but how much of this info is discussed, or even mentioned during a Squadron meeting?  How many Squadron members, know about our programs?  


These are questions that we all should ask. I’m not saying I have the answers, but I do have some suggestions. Adjutants; do you have a line item for an Americanism report in your Squadron meeting agenda?  Do you know who your Detachment Americanism Chairman is? And have you asked him to attend your meeting and be prepared to give a report? 

Squadron Commanders/Adjutants

Squadron Commanders, are you sending a representative to your Detachment Meetings?    When those representatives attend your next Squadron meeting, is the info they received then passed along to your Squadron members?  If your Post has a board for posting notifications of events and happenings, have you posted information you have received regarding Americanism from your Detachment mailings, emails, or other means?  Does your Post have a newsletter?  That would be a great place to get the word out, ask your Detachment Americanism Representative to share some notes.   Have you considered asking your Detachment Americanism Chairman to make a Squadron visit to share some Americanism info directly with your Squadron members?

Detachment Representatives

When you attend any meeting, never go empty handed, bring printed information with you.  Bring printed brochures from HQ, or at a minimum, make copies of articles and bring them with you to meetings to hand out; put them in each attendee’s hand, or at a minimum, place a supply on a literature table if available. You should also make everyone aware of the Americanism awards that can be earned at both the Detachment and National levels.

Everyone’s Job

We are all leaders, please show and share this with your leadership; spread the word of this pillar of the American Legion.  What Americanism covers is extremely broad, so should all of our efforts to get the word out about these programs!

Chairmens Message


From:  Detachment Americanism Chairman Ernest E. Laberge

To:       All Squadrons and Posts

Re:       Americanism Update #31

Hello Everyone

            The American Legion’s Flag Education Program increases awareness of proper flag display and disposal and instills patriotism and honor in all Americans. Flag education has been a major activity of The American Legion since its inception, with thousands of flag education programs presented each year in classrooms across the country. The American Legion Family encourages and supports efforts to display the American flag and daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in our nation’s classrooms.

For additional information The American Legion publishes flag literature and makes it available through American Legion Emblem Sales. You can visit and find the following materials. Flag education items include: “Let’s Be Right on Flag Etiquette” booklet contains flag code and American Legion interpretations of proper flag etiquette in situations not specifically covered by the law. Flag Code: The brochure illustrates and describes the correct way to display the American flag, as well as the history of the flag. “For Which It Stands” is a 20-minute interactive DVD that provides flag etiquette training for classrooms. A newer addition to these materials in the book “Indivisible – The Story of Our Flag” it’s a tribute to our nation's colors, exploring the flag's meaning, the price paid for all it symbolizes, and the special place it occupies in our culture and conscience.

For more information please feel free to contact me. My information can be found on the Sons state website which is

I look forward to working with many of you throughout the year. Working, together we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans, Their Families and our Communities.

Ernie Laberge S.A.L. Americanism Chairman 2020-2021

Past Detachment of Massachusetts Commander 2017-2021

For more information please contact:

Ernie Laberge

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