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Detachment Executive Committee Meeting

SEPTEMBER 7th, 2019 - 10:00am – SATURDAY HAVERHILL 4

All officers & committee chairman are required to attend, reports to the adjutant by 9/4/19

Detachment Officers and SAL members are urged to attend

BOYS NATION PRESIDENT                                                                      BOYS & GIRLS NATION DELEGATES

Boys Nation 2019 President and Massachusetts Boys Stater                                                               Congresswomen Lori Trahan with  
Lucas Acevedo receives a plaque at the graduation ceremony.                         
                                 BOYS - GIRLS NATION Deligates from Massachusetts and
Photo by Josh Marshall | The American Legion                                               
                                     Alt NEC William Murphy Jr. Boys Nation Staff member

Current Membership Report

The next National Goal of 10% is due by 9/11/19

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